Competitive Intelligence



Rettig and Associates take a consultative approach. This approach lets us understand your needs and deliver A+ talent for your organization. We know it’s not all about technical skills. It’s the technical skills plus a cultural fit that makes the right candidate. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with candidates to understand the market. Getting that done starts with knowing where to look. Rather than scanning job boards, we work at ground level with professional organizations, and leverage networking and social media to find candidates who aren’t merely looking for new jobs. 

We identify the passive candidates looking to take the next big step in their careers. Rettig and Associates promotes your business while creating a buzz about the opportunity to work for you. It’s not about pulling resumes off the Internet, and emails only go so far. To truly understand your candidate pool, you need an organization to pick up the phone. It means real-life conversations about what people need from employer-employee relationships. 

At Rettig and Associates, we have a genuine passion for building effective teams who work together seamlessly. And we want to create and deliver that buzz for you.